Mother’s Day 2017

I totally realise that I am super behind on publishing this. But I felt like I couldn’t just ignore Mother’s Day like it never happened because it did. I had a relatively normal Mother’s Day, normal in the sense that it fell on a Sunday, I lost an hour of sleep and my middle daughter woke me several times in the night.

Sunday is our free electric day with British Gas and so that means one thing, we clean. We hoover, we steam clean, we cook jacket potatoes and stay at home being lazy. I wasn’t woken up by lots of presents or brought breakfast in bed. In fact I was up the usual time, cooking the girls their breakfast and doing our clothes washing.

Although I wasn’t gifted expensive gifts like I saw other Mum’s receiving through social media. I was given a homemade bookmark from P2 with a card, P1 made me a computer card at school and a painted card whilst with my MiL. That’s how it always is but you know what, I am happy with that. I know that one day the girls will be able to make their own efforts and go shopping for themselves.

I did filmed our Mother’s Day weekend and that’s the main reason for me wanting to post a blog post. I need to make more of an effort to promote my YouTube channel. It’s something I am really enjoying doing at the moment and would love to reach the 1000 subscriber mark so please do head over and subscribe! I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day whatever it entailed for you.

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  1. Aww happy belated mothers day I hope you had a fab day x

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