A 3AM Update

I don’t know whether what I do is the correct way, but it’s my way and it works for us.

I change P2s bum at 10:30PM, just before her last feed. She wakes at 3AM-ish every night, this is usually the only time she wakes. I put her in bed with me for a feed and only change her bum if it’s really really full or poopy.

If she started to get a sore bottom because of this then I’d change more often, but she doesn’t so right now this works. It keeps her in a more relaxed state and she’s back to sleep within minutes… Usually…

Tonight, she was quite wet so I decided to change her, in the Moses. That’s when it happened… Wee everywhere; her vest, the clean nappy, her sleeping bag, the Moses basket sheet and over herself! Great!

So I’ve been changing sheets, scrambling about trying to find her other sleeping bag (which I’ve failed to locate) getting her into a new vest and sleep suit.

To make things worse, this is the second time she’s been awake tonight already! So unlike her and it’s so unlike her to wee outside her nappy.

20130423-035801 AM.jpg
I suppose she’s just too gorgeous not to forgive!!

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