A Brand New Design

For a while my old logo was frustrating me. It wasn’t really up to date with us as a family. The child that represented P3 was wearing a white babygro and had been drawn before we even found out she was princess. I’d tried, and failed, to draw a new one but nothing quite lived up to the old one. It was my brand identity but I wasn’t pleased with it.

I spoke with Hubby after showing him about three potential designs and he laughed at me. He asked why I hadn’t found someone to draw it for me. All the time I’d spent faffing with a new design when I could have just been searching online for a person to create me the perfect header. He said it was worth spending money on because my blog was doing so well.

So I took to Facebook to ask fellow bloggers who they suggested for this very important task. A lot of people had suggested Ellie Illustrates and after browsing her website for about 10 seconds I knew she was the one for my blog. All her designs, although very different, were exactly what I’d pictured in my head whenever I’d tried to create one myself.

So I got in touch, put my deposit on, was given a date and waited. You have no idea how excited the process has made me. I’d been counting down the days. About two weeks ago I was asked to give a brief overview of what I wanted out of my header. I wanted a family portrait style with it being pink but not too pink. That was pretty much all I wanted if I’m honest but I think I added extra bits and the lovely lady, Helen, was probably fed up with me.

I was sent a proof, I asked for some amendments and then yesterday, everything went live. I am so incredibly thrilled and as you can see from the above header and my background, it’s all beautiful. It perfectly portrays us. The bearded daddy, the shorter mummy, my three girls. The little aeroplane represents us travelling and although we haven’t yet been on a plane, my aspiration is to and I wanted my blog header to grow with us as a family for as long as possible seeing as I paid money for it this time.

What do you think? Do you love my new brand identity? I really hope you do.

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  1. Love the new header, it’s very cute!

  2. It’s great! I love her deigns and it suits your blog perfectly

  3. Jodie I love your new designs and illustrations, really brightens and freshens up your site. Helen did mine too, she’s so talented isn’t she 🙂

  4. It’s a great new look, I love the illustrations that Ellie does, she really makes it look fun and unique to each blogger! xx

  5. What a fresh, creative design -I love that it reflects your family growing up. Makes me smile to see your new header!

  6. One day if my blog takes off I will also be contacting Ellie, for now though I will have to make do with my own designs.

  7. Your new design is so cute. I really love it, it sums up your blog perfectly

  8. Aw this is so cute! Love the little characateurs x

  9. Oh wow! It looks fab! Helen is amazingly talented x

  10. I love your new header it looks amazing. I’m thinking of getting someone to design me one but been putting it off as I don’t earn much from my blog.

  11. Your new design looks fantastic. I love the new logo, creative and colourful! 🙂

  12. I love it! It looks great – I think Helen has captured you all perfectly!x

  13. Your new header looks amazing! I love it.

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog xx

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