A Break Through

Last night I went out again to Pole Fitness, this time accompanied by my best friend, and left P2 in the care of my OH.

This is the photo he sent me whilst I was out…
20130627-032312 AM.jpg
This is a rare sight to see now days. I’ve been making a note of all her sleeps, feeds and nappy changes on a handy app on my phone for the past week. She seems to have short naps frequently, she also feeds on average every hour during the day and every two hours during the night.

I’ve been convinced she’s hungry, hence the frequent feedings. I want to start a routine with her but its impossible whilst she’s still so irregular with everything. Every website seems to think that babies should have some sort of pattern by about 4 months… Well P2 is 20 weeks old and has no pattern to her at all that can be easily routined.

However, tonight before bed, I fed her the remaining 3oz of expressed milk (I hate to waste good milk) and also gave her boobie until she fell asleep. It’s currently 3:21am and she’s managed to go nearly 5 hours tonight before waking. Amazing!!

I think that’s the trick, a bottle of expressed milk plus boobie for bedtime. However, I’m now struggling to get her to settle properly in her cot… She keeps waking up… Night night!

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