“A brick wall along my parenting journey that I never even imagined I’d hit”

20131110-094431 pm.jpgI hit a brick wall today. Not literally. Mentally. A brick wall along my parenting journey that I never even imagined I’d hit… Especially not now.

We’ve had a really busy and fun day today. We got home quite late again, past bedtime, so P1 went straight to bed. I took the heap of washing out to our utility room and started sorting whilst hubby entertained P2 indoors.

And there it was. My brick wall. I found a pair of P1s knickers. Not strange?! Well inside these knickers was a panty liner. Stuck correctly positioned and rather neat. I double looked. I thought my eyes had mistaken me. But nope. Peppa Pig knickers lined with one of my panty liners!!

I wasn’t angry or upset, I wasn’t quite sure how I felt. I went indoors and showed my hubby. I then went upstairs to talk to P1 about it. I told her that she wasn’t in trouble and that I just wanted to know why she did it. She said “because sometimes I wet myself and when I wear these it dries it up. My eyes watch you put them in sometimes. I’ve only used three times!”

That little girl is amazing. She’s so alert and takes absolutely everything in. Learning, discovering and growing. Ok, I’m not happy that she’s been using my panty liners, but the reason behind it was completely correct. I’d like to reassure everyone that I do not wet myself! But she does watch me go to the toilet and has panty liners and even occasionally has seen me use a tampon.

I’ve now removed all of these things from her reach and eyesight. Although one day we’ll have to have that conversation… I’m not quite ready to teach her that yet. I’m glad she’s at peace with women’s things though. It’s a bit of a mixed situation I guess.

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