A Day In The Life of a Mummy Blogger

Blogging most certainly takes over your life. It’s actually become part of the family. I get quite proud and emotional about it if I’m honest. My little space on the Internet has grown so amazingly in just two years. The things we’ve had the chance to experience, like days out and new products, makes life so much easier at times. But it’s not easy and I sometimes wonder if maybe it seems easy to my readers. So I’ve decided to let you in on what my day as a Stay-At-Home Blogger looks like. us  6:30-7am : I wake to either P2 shouting Mummy from her bedroom or the sound of P3 babbling away in her SnuzPod. I immediately check my emails, my junk folder and all social media feeds. Sometimes I get opportunities sent through in the early hours of the morning so I respond to those first. I shove on my clothes, usually my three quarter black leggings with a whole in them or my pjs, my bra, top and cardi. I head to the girls room. Change P2 out of her pull-up and hand P1 her school uniform.

7am : I head downstairs with P2 and P3. I change P3s nappy and she is laid down on the playmat. I rush around and pick up any rubbish or dirty dinnerware from the day before. P1 joins us at about 7:10 completely dressed, she will get P2 and herself breakfast of cereal and they’ll sit together watching CBeebies or just chatting most mornings as I find the TV distracts P1 too much from eating. I do the washing up.

7:40am : I make my juice plus shake then head into the lounge to do a work out. This usually lasts about 10 minutes from a phone app. I’ll fold any washing and disinfect the work surface. And sweep the floor. At 8am I wake hubby up for the school run. I get P2 and P3 dressed. Then  say goodbye to P1 and hubby by 8:30am.

8:30-8:45am : I clamber on to the armchair, with my legs crossed like a child, P2 on the right, P3 on my left. P3 has her milk whilst we watch Peppa Pig. In my left hand I check emails, type up some blog posts and check social media from my phone. When P3 has had her milk I’ll head upstairs for a shower and to get ready.

9:30-11:30am : Depending on the day, we’ll head to a play group. If we are home then we’ll do some drawing or bake or paint.

11:30am : I’ll get a snack for P2. We’ll watch some more Peppa Pig and I’ll check social media again and continue blog post writing.

12:30-2:30pm : I get some milk for P2, put her pull-up on and she snuggles into her sisters bed for a nap. If I time it right P3 will nap in my arms downstairs and I’m able to go on the computer to edit photos for various posts. Sort through my emails. I even get the chance to watch some programmes that aren’t suitable for the children. I cook/make lunch for when P2 wakes. I also take photos of whatever has arrived in the post that day.

2:30-4:15pm : Depending on the day either hubby will get P1 from school or I’ll walk with the girls.

4:15-6:30pm : i always get super motivated at this time. Tidying up toys and cooking the dinner. We will always eat the same thing at the same time. During this time P3 plays on her mat or in the bouncer or will sleep in the sling. P2 and P1 play together.

7-10:30pm : I edit photos, create posts and sort my emails. I watch some telly whilst I do this and usually have P3 in my arms asleep too.

10:30pm : I head to bed at this time. Brush my teeth, blah blah. Then I get woken in the night two-three times usually P3 wakes twice and P2 wakes once.


I spend most of my days feeling like I’m attached to my phone in all honesty. As I like to respond to emails as soon as I get them because I feel that is the professional thing to do. Sometimes this leaves me bogged under with things to do and I get a bit stressed. In my day I also find time to tidy and the usual house work chores.

Do you think you could blog?es

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  1. Elizabeth Rebecca

    My time at home is spent pretty much the same as yours I’ll be honest.

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