A Day Of Rest

There will be no 40 Acts post today as it’s a day of rest. I’m resting in every way possible today!

Slowly but surely I’m getting used to the demands of my beautiful newborn. I never had P1 at home when she was this young and the whole process with P2 has been like a whole new journey. Like I’ve never been a parent before.

We’ve honestly been so lucky with P2. Ok my pregnancy with her was a pretty rough roller coaster. But her labour and birth was very quick and simple – as far as labour and births go. She took to the breast after about an hour (my fault it wasn’t sooner as I felt very strange straight after birth) and we haven’t had any troubles with feeding. In fact she put on 50grams in the first 6days which is apparently quite unusual. She only ever cries when having her nappy changed or when in first being put in her carseat although those moments are decreasing. P2 wakes just twice in the night. Usually around 1/2am and then again at 4/5am and is only feeding for 10minutes before falling straight back to sleep in her Moses basket.

I feel like I’m boasting – but I’m so proud of us. Everything has been so easy regarding P2.

We’ve had a different journey with P1 though. Her behaviour has definitely deteriorated since the arrival of P2. She’s louder, naughtier and really testing the boundaries. But that too is decreasing as time goes on. I think it’s a combination of me feeling more active and P1 realising that this is how it’s going to be and she has to be patient with everything now.

It’s Sunday… P1 has gone to church with my parents. My OH has cooked an amazing breakfast/lunch. We are having a rest day.

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