A Disney Tea Party After School With shopDisney [AD]

This September has been a busy one for our family already. Not only was it a shock back to reality after a wonderful six weeks of bonding family time, it was also the start of Primary School for my youngest baby.

Now that all three of my girls are in school for the majority of their week, I am finding myself clinging on to special moments in the afternoons. I was so happy when the people at shopDisney asked if we’d like to try out some of their shopDisney Fancy Dress items. 

After our recent trip to Walt Disney World Florida, I’ve been a tad bit obsessed with all things Disney. I’ve definitely got that magical fever so of course I was pretty excited myself to see a giant box with Mickey himself on it.

The box actually has Toy Story characters inside that you can colour in yourself. This alone has given the girls so much entertainment and creative play. Even the cats are enjoying it.

The girls were able to pick their favourite costumes from the shopDisney website. They have a great range of costumes to choose from and also a brilliant array of accessories to ignite imaginative play. Opening up and rummaging through the paper packaging was like Christmas coming early. Super exciting!

Thankfully it was a really warm and sunny day (although those days feel like a distant memory already) so I spread out our picnic blanket in the garden and took our adventures outside. shopDisney had very kindly gifted us some accessories to go with the girls costumes, one of them being a giant teapot with a tea party set inside. This became the basis of our play.

Freya is nearly 11 years old now and I can definitely see her love for toys and imaginative dress up play decreasing. It makes me sad as I look back to days where she would live in her fancy dress items. Freya picked to be Merida from Brave. This is one of her favourite Disney films so I was thrilled to see the costume set on the shopDisney website.

The Merida dress is so beautifully made with great attention to details. I saw this glimmer of excitement in her eyes when she pulled it out of the box. I was also very excited to hand her the bow and arrow set to complete her transformation. Her Nanny Karen plays archery so she could really related to this.

The bow and arrow set is such good quality, it actually surprised me. I find that generally dress up stuff can be a bit tatty but this was so good. The arrows shot really far and Freya took some time to help her younger sisters have a go too.

Eva’s biggest aspiration is to be just like Rapunzel. She won’t let us cut her hair and it’s past her bottom now! I loved seeing her face when she met her in Disney World so I didn’t really need to ask her what costume she wanted to pick.

The Rapunzel costume is gorgeous! It’s everything I’d imagine a princess dress to be, with shimmer bits and sparkles. The details are incredible too from the skirt to the magical jewels. They also sent her the stunning wand and tiara to complete her outfit. Her actual dreams to become Rapunzel came true and she’s been wearing this outfit every day since!

With Elsa, I had actually thought she’d pick to be Elsa from Frozen or even Moana. Her excited at the Little Mermaid in Disney World also had me thinking she’d pick that outfit but instead she surprised me with the request of a Doc McStuffins outfit. 

She has been watching a lot of Doc McStuffins episodes recently so I probably should have realised. I adore this outfit so much. The trousers have an elasticated waist band with an attached skirt. The top is all in one and has velcro to secure it. These little touches make the outfit really easy to get on and off. It also comes with a headband, toy stethoscope, toy thermometer, and toy auriscope.

We also found in our big box of Disney goodies, a Disney Store Get Better Baby Cece Doll. Elsa is obsessed with dolls right now and caring for them. This whole outfit and accessory combination was her own little dreams coming true. 

So with my three pink princesses, we enjoyed a Disney themed tea party in the sunshine after school. It was a really lovely moment to talk about our day and bond once again like we had in the summer holidays. The best part is that we could take our tea party indoors too.

Elsa spent most of her time tending to baby Cece. Freya loved her bow and arrow set and Eva had a magical time waving her wand about. I’m very grateful for cute moments like these.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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