A Dramatic Day

This morning started off pretty normal. It’s a Thursday so the plan was to get ready for playgroup. P2 and P3 at home for the day and P1 heading off to school with hubby. That’s our Thursday routine. But for some reason despite the sun shining beautifully, this Thursday didn’t want to be our usual Thursday day.

I got ready like normal. I wasn’t rushed and I felt good about the day ahead. The girls were getting on great with lots of laughter. They were tickling each other and generally being so sweet. We was ready to enjoy the sun dressed in summery outfits. P3 had some baggy trousers with a white top, P2 in leggings with a short sleeve stripey top and I had my top that has the back open and flat shoes.

It’s voting day today so seeing as we were early we popped to do our votes first. Then arrived at playgroup with a few minutes to spare. My friend was already there. The playgroup was quite quiet this week, probably because everyone likes to enjoy the rare sun but I always prefer it when it’s quieter anyway as there’s less chance of arguments or hurting themselves.

After playgroup, I practically forced the girls to head to the park. P2 didn’t want to go as she wanted to get home to play with the new cat pet parades she has. So we settled for five minutes and some snacks. Everyone from playgroup went to the park and a few others including a dad that attends the groups sometimes, who happens to be a paramedic.

I love the sun. It makes everything feel better. I felt prepared today and on top of things. That was until I watched my toddler fall from the play equipment. As she stood up her face was covered and oozing with blood. In that split second everything slowed down, everything changed and no longer did I feel content with the day. Guilt and worry spread over me.

I have never been the parent that wanders around after their children. Telling them to be careful every minute. I’ve been quite laid back in my parenting, especially with P3 who is our third baby and the one who has always been very confident with climbing thanks to Gymboree. But today she wasn’t and I suddenly understood fully why my hubby is that parent that wraps them up in bubble wrap.

I picked up P3 who now had blood all over her white top and arms, face, nose and head. I rushed over to our bag for wipes to clear the blood and find out exactly where it was coming from. My friends helped with P2, with grabbing the first aid box from the community building and the paramedic friend was there to guide me and calm everyone else down.

P3 calmed down pretty quickly considering and seemed more bothered by me holding a wipe to her head to stop the bleeding. We could see a pretty nasty gash in her forehead that oozed blood for what seemed forever. That’s the thing about horrific events like these, it all slows right down yet in the scheme of things it was all over and down with in about 15 minutes. In fact she got up and wanted to play straight after we popped a plaster on her forehead.

She was fine in herself, wasn’t sleepy and hadn’t been sick but hubby and I decided to take her to our local Minor Injuries Unit to get it checked as my paramedic friend had suggested she may need steri strips to keep the wound together. We were seen and dealt with within about half an hour and they were so professional about the whole thing. P3 was so lucky it wasn’t concrete and that she mainly bounced off the rubber flooring.

She’s been fine the rest of the day but I’ve had such a horrible headache from worry and shock. Head injuries bleed a lot and that’s the one thing that really panics me, seeing my children bleed. I keep relaying it and knowing I should have been closer. Accidents happen and I still firmly believe children should be allowed to explore, but I’m never being a lazy mum again. Whilst P3 is still so little and vulnerable to the world around her, I will be there at her side to catch her when she falls. That’s my job.


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  1. Oh Sweetie, what an ordeal. I think as mothers we struggle with the balance of protecting our children while still letting them be wild and free. Unfortunately we can’t wrap them up in cotton wool 24 hours a day and accidents do happen. So glad she’s ok and it was nothing too serious though xx

  2. Sarah Cantwell

    Oh bless you! These things happen to us all. It only takes a split second for something to take a turn for the worst. I’m glad she recovered quickly and doesn’t seem phased by it xx

  3. Aww Hun. You’re not a lazy mum. We all do it. They seem to confident and sure of themselves that we let them go off and do what they want. Even more so when you have more than 1 child to look after. Glad she’s ok now though x

  4. Oh no poor P3 and poor you too! What a dramatic day. Love your final line about always being there to catch her 🙂 xx

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