A Film Night At The School

Every year P1s school hosts a film night. She’s always wanted to go but for some reason or other we just never have. I’m blaming it on having two other young ones, not being able to drive the previous years and having a pretty strict bedtime.

She missed Frozen in Reception and then How To Train A Dragon last year. But this year I’ve been making a real effort with making sure P1 doesn’t miss parties, that play dates get arranged and events are attended. When she got the letter for this years film night, Hotel Transylvania 2, I very nearly popped it straight in the recycling. But a huge part of me has been desperate for some alone time with P1 that I quickly filled in the form and popped the £5 in the envelope.

This week we’ve been without a car and so we’ve been walking every day. Thankfully, hubby has shared the journeys too and my MiL has been picking P2 up from nursery which takes a huge load off my back. But I’ve managed to clock 24.5miles of walking in 5 days and I am completely and utterly drained. This film night was just what I needed to boost my mood despite the long walk there.

It was all organised fantastically. Popcorn and refreshments in the dining hall whilst chairs and the squishy gym mats were arranged in the main hall. The film was shown on the big white thing they roll down from the ceiling. There was a lovely atmosphere of children laughing at the film. It wasn’t too busy and P1 had such a lovely time.

One of P1s school friends Mum offered us a lift home which was so kind. That I definitely needed! Hubby survived his bedtime duties too so overall the evening was brilliant. I am now off to enjoy a relaxing weekend of putting my feet up and refusing to walk anywhere. Our walking spurt hasn’t ended yet as the car is yet to be fixed.

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  1. What a fab idea! It sounds like you had a lovely evening with P1 x

  2. Harriet from Toby & Roo

    Reuben’s school has a village film night but we’ve never been – I always wondered if Roo would sit still when he was surrounded by friends, he’s only 4 (5 tomorrow!) so get’s excited quickly! H x

  3. Ah this is brilliant I wish my daughters school organised stuff like this. It’s always sponsored walks around the school and likes, she would love this!

  4. Our school do these as a fundraiser. Great fun, but with three, they never seem to be on the same night! Xx

  5. Wow that’s a lot of walking! Almost marathon distance! We have movie night at my sons school too but as he’s in year 5, he considers it uncool for me to go now. I just drop him off with his friends- they grow up too fast so enjoy your time together x

  6. This sounds awesome, my school never did anything like this when I was young. I only have one child but have always made excuses for play dates and things as I’m pretty shy but have started to sort that out within the past year x

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