A Goal In My Life Reached

After the hospital hassle of yesterday. We went early to pick P1 up from nursery. She only attends twice a week now and because I haven’t had access to my car my lovely Grandad has been taking her.

I was handed a huge bundle of letters and drawings. One of those letters included the Invoice. I always dread the invoice as for the past couple of years I’ve found it a struggle to keep on top of my finances. That’s one thing I can thank my OH for. He’s taught me to manage my finances 🙂

Anyway, I opened it up and saw – £165.27 due. My immediate reaction was: Gutted! But then I realised that the minus actually meant I was in credit with them. I’ve never been in credit with them!!!!!

I’m so over the moon about it. It’s a huge achievement for me and I told all my family haha! So now I’m telling you guys 🙂

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