A Letter To My Girls Ahead Of The New School Year

To P1 and P2,

Today is your last full day at home together during the week. You are playing quite nicely today which is a lovely change from the week we’ve had with you both but I definitely think you are both ready for a break.


P1 you are about to go into Year 2 and just saying that out loud is crazy. It means that it’s nearly been 7 years since I was at school myself. This year is going to be a tough one for you. You don’t adjust well to change and have showed some signs of struggling with your school work due to concentration and talking.

I hope that this year you will try your absolute best and along with the school Daddy and I will do the best we can to support you on your journey. I hope that you continue to form strong relationships with your school friends. I am so proud of you and I know I don’t tell you that enough but I really am. Your body has been through so much and you are an inspiration despite the naughty side you have, you just need to focus to find your true potential!


P2 you have a starter session at nursery next week and the following week you will be starting nursery for two mornings each week. I hope that you enjoy yourself and don’t miss us too much. I am eager to watch you make proper friendships with other children that are not family members. You are starting nursery much later than your big sister did with much more understanding so I hope this is an advantage.

I’m going to miss you those two mornings and it will feel very weird to just have your baby sister at home but I know that your amazing, cheeking personality is going to grow and you will acquire a sense of independence that you never had before now. Good luck baby!


The school year ahead of us will be a huge change for both of you but I know that you are going to do amazingly. Good luck girls. I love you loads and will always be here to support you. Just remember to have fun!

Mummy x

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