A Memory Game With Orchard Toys

It’s no secret. We love a game. I’ve even had to clear out a junk cupboard to make way for the slowly growing collection. One of our favourite game brands has definitely got to be Orchard Toys.

We recently received the game One Dog, Ten Frogs. It is a giant floor memory game suitable for ages 3 years and above. It is made up of giant circular cards with friendly characters helping your child to learn to count up to 15 and pair.

For younger players you can keep the cards facing upwards to help improve their matching skills. I played like this with P3 to start with. Allowing her to match the various animal characters. I also asked her to count each of the animals too and I showed her the number too to help her start recognising the numbers.

The game comes with a number reference board which P3 loved using to create a number line with her cards. What I love about all of The Orchard Toys games and puzzles is that they are all so bright, bold and hard wearing. Each piece is thick and great for small hands.

This game can be played with one person or up to four people. So of course I got P3’s older sisters involved for a game. Because they are older I decided to test and improve their memory skills. By placing the cards face down they have to lift each card two at a time to match the pairs.

It’s such a simple game and that’s exactly why it works for children. All three of my girls really enjoyed this and I loved watching P1 and P2 compete and interact with each other whilst playing. The One Dog Ten Frogs game costs £10 which is brilliant value for plenty of educational fun.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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