A Mum & Daughter Day At The Ideal Home Show Christmas 2018

Christmas is by far my favourite time of the year but weirdly this year has felt the least Christmassy. In fact the whole idea of it has been making me feel anxious and a little sick. Don’t get me wrong it is still my favourite time of the year – I adore the magic!

Back in November I saw that the Ideal Home Show Christmas was coming up, I knew this could be the perfect excuse for me to kick start the festive season and hopefully bring that festive magic back into my life. I decided to invite my mum along for the trip and was very excited for a mum and daughter day with my own Mum.

The Ideal Home Show Christmas was being held at London Olympia. I met my mum as I got off at High Street Kensington underground station and we walked together to the venue. It’s actually a really easy walk with lots of shops to peek in on your way.

As expected, The Ideal Home Show Christmas did not disappoint in bringing excitement and magic to us. There were decorations galore, festive smells and food throughout. There were lots of opportunities to grab some great discounts on products and many stalls had inspiring ideas for hosting the perfect Christmas.

I sadly booked our tickets too late to be able to get on to any of the workshops being held on that day. Things like Wreath Making and other festive crafts as well as tutorials on cooking the perfect dinner. We did get to see some amazing performers in the gazebo and watch a celebrity chef do his thing in the kitchen.

The show was absolutely packed full of people. A little overwhelmingly so actually. After grabbing some food, having a last wander around the show, my mum and I decided to leave. We were both pretty exhausted as we’d taken our time browsing and holding conversations with pretty much every stall.

I had a lovely time with my mum. I filmed our day out which is right at the bottom of this post for you to watch. I also took lots of photos too so I hope you enjoy scrolling through them. I’d highly recommend a visit for next year as it’s a really magical show with lots of ideas or just simply a great day out if I’m honest. Head over here to make sure you don’t miss next year’s ticket sales!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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  1. I am absolutely thrilled – this looks lovely! I think it hasn’t seemed wintry as it’s so warm!


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