“A perfect little girls room”

20131102-081032 am.jpgWe’ve done the room transition and swap around. I say we… It was actually my hubby and SFiL. I just had the task of tidying up afterwards. We had to cram all of P1s toys into the bathroom so we could move it all over.

I haven’t got any before photos. My hubby, P2 and I was in the big room. P1 had her own dinky room with barely any space to play as she has hundreds of teddies. So for the girls to share we didn’t think it was fair for them to be cramped up in the small room especially when P1 has friends over sometimes and P2 will be crawling/walking soon.
20131102-081058 am.jpg

20131102-081108 am.jpgHere it is. A perfect little girls room. We still need to get some storage, maybe a little children’s wardrobe and a cupboard/drawers, but for now it’s doing it’s job. Plenty of space to make a mess play and have fun for BOTH of them.

Last night went quite well too, we were back late anyway so it wasn’t a typical night, P1 whispered to me about her week as I gave P2 her bottle in the cot. P2 stirred a few times before I went to bed, and woke once in the night at 4am, none of these times woke P1 up which I’m very pleased about!!
20131102-081510 am.jpg

20131102-081519 am.jpgOur room, as you can see, is basically a bed with walls. It’s cosy. On our first night I just couldn’t stop giggling, it reminded me of being a child again! This room has a sky light in that doesn’t have any blinds so in the morning it’s very bright which is probably why P1 woke earlier here than in previous homes.

We can just about fit our wardrobe in and there’s just enough gap for me to access my clothes that are under the bed. It was definitely the best decision because after all what do we actually do in our bedroom – have sex and sleep! So why would we deprive our children of playing space for that?! It just makes sense this way and it finally feels like a proper functioning family home.

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