A Potty Training Update for P2

We are about to hit 10 weeks mark so I thought it best I update you all on our progress so far. P2 is young for potty training in my opinion, but when she insisted back in January I couldn’t just ignore it.

She didn’t grasp the concept very well. In fact there were many days when I spent the whole day mopping up wee from our floor. Every moment we spent at home or round family, P2 would be wearing nothing under her skirt or dress because as soon as she had knickers on or leggings, she’d wet them. However, saying this her poop training has been far easier and I think we’ve had one, maybe two accidents of that variety.

P2 has always taken herself though, she wouldn’t tell us when she needed to go and it’s only been in the past two weeks that this has started to happen. She’s been using the potty the majority of the time too although she was quite happy to use the toilet too. She’s been wearing a pull-up whenever we leave the house and for nap time/bedtime.

This week has seen a complete change for her. All of a sudden she tells us she needs a wee. She then takes herself upstairs and point blank refuses the potty. It then occurred to me that she hasn’t had an accident for a good few days and when I really thought about it, I think we are on day four of no accidents. She’s been wearing knickers and leggings too.

It’s like something has just clicked within her. I don’t think I’m quite confident to do long trips out without a pull-up yet, it’s sort of my saviour, but we always head to the toilet and she tells us when she needs to go despite wearing a pull-up which is progress too.

I can’t see us trying to tackle the night pull-up for a long time as she still had the milk situation to figure out first. But I’m so proud of her slow progress. It’s paying off!


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