A Princess Day With Disney Cinderella

We have four days at home before P1 is dressed back in her uniform and shipped off to school. I’m not going to lie when I say that I am really looking forward to the start of school. Although the school holidays seem to have zoomed by, this last week is dragging.


With well under a week left I really want to enjoy the last few days with P1 and also with P2 before she embarks on nursery in a few weeks. We were sent the new Cinderella DVD and a few goodies to go with it. With P2 feeling under the weather yesterday I thought this would be a great opportunity to have some chilled time with my girls.


P1 and P2 really enjoyed taking it in turns wearing the Enchanted Waltz Light Up Slippers, waving the magic Enchanted Wand & Combs Set from Jakks Pacific and spent the whole day playing with these taking it in turns. Please keep in mind that the slippers do not have any grip and when the kids were attempting to walk in them it did look a little like they were ice skating.

dress up cinderella

The Cinderella movie itself was quite exciting. I always worry when the old classics get remade and let’s face it, there are quite a few adaptations to Cinderella. This one followed the exact story of Cinderella, it was a “real” version instead of the animated classic. I found all the scenes, even the darker ones, to be so colourful and vibrant. Both girls sat and watched the entire film which is saying something. I was worried as animation tends to capture their attention better but this movie had no trouble. There were so many well known actors in there too!


We were also given the Cinderella Toddler Doll and she does represent the character in the 2015 movie really well. I love the glittery detail on her dress and her cute face is just adorable. P3 loved her. I normally wouldn’t choose something like this for the girls to play with as they remind me slightly of the china dolls, but this one is so friendly looking and I quite fancy starting a bit of a collection if I’m honest.

cinderella doll

I do love Disney. I think they always get things spot on from their toys to their movies. I really enjoyed doing something girly and having a princess day with my girls.

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  1. We absolutely loved this delivery! It looks like your girls loved it just as much as LP did! x

  2. Elizabeth Rebecca

    How gorgeous – the shoes would be so perfect for my niece – she is a massive princess lover.

    Lizzie Dripping

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