A Royal Baby Boy

Firstly, a huge congratulations to William and Kate on the birth of their baby boy!

Gosh it’s hard enough being a “normal” mother, whatever that is, let alone being a Royal mother. Under constant watchful, judgmental and nosey eyes. But surely being a royal mother is a hell of a lot easier!!

I bet right this second Kate is struggling with the uncomfortable recovery of child birth. The feeling of being run over several hundred times by a double decker bus! But I’m sure she has loads of people helping her with everything including William; getting a glass of water, having a bite to eat, brushing her hair, putting her maternity pad in, learning to breastfeed (if that’s what she’s chosen which I really hope she has), dressing her baby. I’d feel overwhelmed.

Can you imagine the amount of generous gifts companies all around the world have sent them? Sent that new baby? Things that will never get used that could be given to a child that has no toys.

I hope that all the photographers and media give the blessed couple some space whilst they adjust to the most amazing gift that anyone could have ever give them – parenthood.

I’ve got a very busy day tomorrow, having my trial hair and makeup done so that I can marry my very own Prince!!

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