A Special Moment In Time

I have quite a few moments in my life that are really special to me for different reasons. Meeting my Hubby, getting engaged, my wedding day, even my Nan’s funeral held special moments for me like me writing and reading a letter to her in front of everyone and the fact that the whole room was packed to the extent people had to stand. That was special. But of course, above absolutely everything and any special moments I make in the future, the most special moment in time for me would be the births of all three of my daughters. Each one holds a different special time at different stages of my life.


P1 was born in a very different situation than the other two and as a first time mum at just the age of 16 years old it was a tough time. P1 was born at 33+1 weeks of my pregnancy on Christmas Eve! Although I was still in a relationship with her biological father it was by far a strong one. I had about 30 seconds with my precious newborn first daughter before they whisked her away and I didn’t see her for another 6 or so hours.

Becoming a Mum for the first time at such a young age was filled with emotional rollercoasters. We spent the first few weeks visiting P1 in hopsital. It was hard to bond with her through a tank but each and every moment was so special. She was breathing and that in itself was a huge achievement. She was fighting.


Planning and having P2 was totally different to P1s birth. I was in a strong relationship with someone who proved to be an absolutely awesome birthing partner. Seeing the emotion in his eyes when he saw his daughter for the first time was just priceless and so so special. The first few hours spent bonding with our new baby was incredible. Holding a chunky bundle of joy who was born at 39+1 weeks of pregnancy was such a special thing to me. I was able to have a baby to term and have a quick birth too.


Having a third child was certainly different. Especially having her so quickly after P2. I knew what to expect and was prepared but her birth was far from easy. My placenta abrupted and she stopped breathing after entering the world whilst in hubby’s arms. Everything sort of went in slow mo yet so quickly. The picture on the left was the very first time I got to hold her. That moment was so special. She fed from me and hubby had to leave to get the other two. It was magical just sitting in the quiet Special Care Baby Unit. It was by far ideal but she was going to be fine.

Having children presents many special moments. First smiles, crawling, first day out, walking, talking, weaning, school… the list goes on forever. Each day, each one of my three daughters does something that amazes me and holds a special place in my heart. I take photos, far too many, each day so that those memories can be relived when I’m too old to remember them properly. I would love to make a photobook of those memories with Photobox and think it would be fantastic to have one each year to look back through.

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    I love the picture of P1 with a newborn P2 – adorable.

    Lizzie Dripping

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