A Squishy Read

Just a quick review because I’m watching the Grand National. We’ve been given so many things for P2. We’ve been ultra lucky from our friends and family. We have bags and boxes full of toys ready for when P2 needs them.

Yesterday, P1 found a soft book that she wanted me to read to her. So I got both girls to lay next to each other and I read the book to them both.

My Big Cuddly Book of Animals is perfect for young babies eyes. P2 was fascinated by all the colours and had her eyes fixed on the book the whole time.

It’s a very simple book in regards to the words; it doesn’t have a story but teaches colours, animals, numbers and has interactive pages. P1 loved opening the flaps and moving the monkey.

The book is very soft, and completely huggable. Perfect for little hands.

You can buy this book here although every website I’ve found has actually sold out so they must be pretty fantastic for other people too!

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