A Summer Family BBQ Social

I should probably start by pointing out that this little afternoon adventure happened right at the beginning of July. I’ve been really struggling to keep up with life and blog stuff as the end of the school year approached. Our lives were just manic! I think I’m about ready to start documenting our experiences once again.

My mother-in-law kindly invited us along to a picnic organised by my brother-in-law’s School (there’s a 20 year gap between him and Hubby incase you were a bit confused). All we had to take was some snack foods, picnic blanket and ourselves basically.

I was actually a little bit nervous about attending a school event that wasn’t actually our school. Like I was cheating or something. It’s funny how guilt works. On arrival it was clear my little tribe was going to have a brilliant time. It didn’t take long for P3 to sniff out the sausages from the BBQ!

We laid out our blanket on the edge of the school playing field under some shade. The UK has been totally blessed with sunshine and dry days so the shade was very welcome. I recall this particular day being one of the hottest nearing 30 degrees. Our picnic blanket became our little base.

The school had organised a DJ for entertainment and it didn’t take long for P1 and P2 to show off some of their moves, including the floss. I loved watching them completely carefree. P2 actually won one of the dance competitions which was just adorable.

The girls had free reign but we always had eyes on the little two. P1 found her own independence with her Uncle and enjoyed just chilling out with him and exploring the school.

Quite early on P3 had managed to get two very tiny splinters in one of her feet. P3 being P3 cried a lot, I managed to pin her down to remove one of them and thought I’d got them both. After the initial shock she went off with her Grandad to go on the bouncy castles. Turned out the other splinter definitely wasn’t removed and she returned screaming. Eventually, after a threat of visiting the doctor and a bribe of an ice lolly, I managed to remove the splinter.

As promised I bought the girls some lollies. They went down a treat with the weather being so incredibly hot! P2 and P3 chose lollies and P1 had an choc-ice, my childhood ice cream. It was a great opportunity to take a break in the shade.

There had been various dance competitions throughout the afternoon and then they announced the tug of war. First it was boys against girls, then parents against kids and then mums against Dads. It was great fun and P2 really got involved.

Obviously the main attraction of the day was the six different bouncy castles available. All included within the entry price we paid. The girls loved it! I was running backwards and forwards between them all afternoon but it was so lovely to see them genuinely happy.

P3 had finally got over her splinter ordeal and was back to having fun, although wouldn’t be persuaded to put her shoes on. She really loves music so spent some time dancing near the DJ stand.

The afternoon went by far too quickly. It was one of those moments when I wish they’d go on forever. But sadly it was past bedtime and the school was starting to pack up the bouncy castles. We had been blessed with glorious weather once again and it allowed us to enjoy some quality family time.

It was late by the time we got home. The kids were absolutely filthy from running barefoot all afternoon. I definitely think that’s a sign of a good day had. I’ve popped the video from our day below so please have a watch. I love watching this specific one.

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  1. This looks like such a perfect day! Nothing better than no shoes on a hot day!


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