A Surprise Photoshoot

A few weeks ago one of my friends had arranged a surprise for our friendship group. She wouldn’t tell us what but just to pack a picnic and meet at Knole Park, the local National Trust site. It was beautiful there and I realised that we should really get outdoors more for adventures with my big camera because the setting is just amazing for photos.

The surprise R had kept from us was a photoshoot with one of her photographer friends. It was a little exciting actually to not be the one behind the camera and Katie followed us around whilst we, sort of, pretended she wasn’t there. She managed to capture some lovely photos actually and I wanted to share the ones of P3. P1 and P2 were actually with my Mum in Essex at the time so unfortunately missed out on the treat. Here are the photos:

KCP Photoshoot

Knole Park is a really beautiful place. Lots of green fields, the stunning house and many many deer roaming around

photoshoot kcp

I just love the poses she did that afternoon. Such a natural

kcp photo

I know I’m bias but I definitely think this one is so photogenic!

KCP - (33)

A huge thanks to R for arranging the shoot and to Katie Cole Photography for taking these beautiful, natural shots of P3!

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  1. Oh, this is the sweetest! What gorgeous pictures and P3 is indeed a natural.

  2. What a gorgeous photos and what a wonderful surprise!

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