A Taster Of Summer

Last year I wrote about how I hate Autumn and how autumn hates me too. I’m tiny and I struggle to find clothes I’m comfortable in that do not drown my petite figure. However, Spring and Summer are my months. These are the months I flourish in.


Over the weekend we experienced a taster of summer here in Kent and most parts of the South of England. We had temperatures reaching 25/26 degrees and it felt amazing. Instantly I felt happier and for a few days I loved life. The warmer weather means less clothing and being able to really enjoy being in the outdoors. 


I feel very lucky to have a brilliant park nearby, even if we did have an incident there last Thursday. We spend a lot of time there no matter the weather but when it’s brighter and warmer, we can spend hours and that’s just what we did over the weekend and during the heatwave. We don’t have a garden so this is our place to enjoy the sun.


I took the big camera there after lunch yesterday and I’m so thankful to have captured these stunning photos of P2 mainly (I have more) because as I’m writing this it’s raining outside and my weather app says it’ll be like that all day today. The taster of summer is probably done for a little while but it’s made me so flipping excited for the real summer we will hopefully have.

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  1. Such lovely summer shots!

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