A Thank You Teacher Gift & Goodbye To Year 1

I’ve never been one buys teachers gifts. I didn’t even get the nursery that P1 went to for three years a gift to say thank you. That’s how awful I am. I always mean to but then forget. This year, I opted out of the class collection as we wanted to get something for P1s teacher ourselves. I felt a little bit rude at first but P1s teacher has been a huge support to P1 and to us as a family.

P1s Year 1 teacher has been simply amazing. She’s a very warm and bubbly teacher yet she’s very experienced. She has this special way of talking to the children that gains respect from what I’ve seen at Sports Day and from collecting P1 from school.

We have been really struggling lately to manage P1s behaviour. It hit rock bottom if I’m honest with some very out of character behaviour and disobedience to the limit. I approached the teacher, like I have done for other situations, and we received so much support from her and the school as a whole.

We moved over here for the girls to receive a better education and more opportunities, and the current school is not failing her at all. P1 is thriving. Although she struggles with many aspects of school, she is happy and content with going and has made some lovely friends.

P1 created a little card for her teacher and we sent her in with some Lily O’Briens chocolates as a little thank you gift. I’m quite jealous as the chocolates are absolutely delicious and I’m on a diet, I just hope she isn’t too! I had thought of gifting her some wine but we don’t drink so it seems a little weird for us to gift wine.


I really can’t believe that Year 1 is over now. P1 is about to embark on one of the toughest Years of school yet and her very last as a Key Stage 1 student. The past six and a half years have flown by and it’s scary just how quickly her childhood is going.

I’m proud of P1. I moan about her so much and she makes me feel so bad about my skills as a parent sometimes but I am so so proud of her. She’s reading nearly fluently and doesn’t always sound out her words anymore. She has a great understanding of the topics she’s been learning. Her writing definitely has room for improvement and already she’s taken that feedback on and has been doing her work book every day to practise. She’s even participating in P.E which is amazing as at the beginning of the year she was very reluctant.

This summer I hope to spend lots of one to one time with P1. I hope to also spend lots of time doing things as a family. I’m sure all the days are going to roll into one by the end and there’s of course going to be plenty of sibling arguments with P3 heading closer to 1 year old every day and P2 on her way to starting preschool. I want to focus on getting P1s behaviour better and to prepare for her starting Year 2!

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What are your plans for the Summer?

We were gifted the Lily O’Briens chocolate, however all opinions and photos remain my own

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  1. Elizabeth Rebecca

    As a teacher, chocolate is always a winner.

    Lizzie Dripping

  2. Great post really made my day reading this.

  3. what a lovely post Jodie and i hope the teacher read this !

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