A Treat Idea For Nursery School Friends

Haribo sweets are most definitely a popular choice when it comes to getting a little treat for your children’s friends when it’s their birthdays. I used to go with a carrier bag full of sweets, sweets I happened to hate as a child.

With it being the first year that P2 has to dish out the treats for her birthday, I wanted to do something a little more special but without breaking the bank too much. I had thought about doing some bubbles or something similar that wasn’t a sweet treat but then I saw the Barny Bears on offer in Tesco.

So that’s what my P2 will be handing out to her friends at the nursery. Each pack contains 5 individually wrapped bears and for a £1 each, £6 for the class, I really think it’s a lovely different alternative to a sticky Haribo that isn’t very easy for a toddler to consume safely. Or is that just me? I certainly wouldn’t say they are a healthier option, although I’m not entirely sure as I didn’t have a packet of Haribo to compare but I bet the children will be really excited and I’m hoping the parents will do!


I’m trying to get a bit of practice filming little videos here and there so here’s one for this post:

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  1. My girls love barney bears! We don’t give treats to kids in the class around here. x

  2. I have never tried one of these of bought them for the kids but they do look super cute perfect for a birthday x

  3. Gosh that’s really affordable isn’t it? And to be honest, the kids would be DELIGHTED with these, I’m sure they wouldn’t care that it’s not Haribo!

  4. Oooh my little sister used to snack on these. Hadn’t realised how affordable they were or that there were different flavours! x

  5. that is pretty good when you work it all out. My kids love these!

  6. Beautiful idea and good value too!

  7. We love Barney Bears, Emma gets one every day for her morning break. She loves the chocolate ones, they are yum!xx

  8. Gemma @ A Gem's Life

    I think it’s a lovely idea 🙂 It’s always nice to be a bit different 🙂 I have seen these in the shops but haven’t tried them. They do look yummy!

    Gemma xx

  9. £6 is great to feed the whole class for a party. I didn’t realise they did chocolate ones too. Will have to buy some for Harry soon xx

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