A Tudor Pageant At Dover Castle

I feel so ashamed that I’m only just writing about our Dover Castle trip. It feels like this happened such a long time ago. I’m definitely playing a huge catch up over here on my blog.

We signed up to be members of the English Heritage over the Easter holidays whilst in the Isle Of Wight visiting Carisbrook Castle. Sadly we hadn’t made it to visit any of our local ones the rest of the summer. Dover Castle was definitely top of our list and I was thrilled to see they were hosting a Tudor event. P1 is learning about tudors this year at school.

We invited my mother in law with us so we could make a real trip of our visit. It’s always nice to share memories with family isn’t it? We arrived a little bit earlier than them. After a little fuss in the carpark due to a car practically on fire next to us, we made our way onto the shuttle bus and into Dover Castle grounds.

Just like most tourist or family attractions, there was a time table of events going on for the Tudor pageant. As we were still waiting for the others to arrive we headed in to listen to the Jester. Honestly he was hilarious! You can see part of his show in my video if you scroll right to the bottom of this blog post. I captured some lovely moments of the girls being each other’s comfort as they watched the Jester completely baffled.

After meeting up with my mother in law at the entrance, we decided to head round to see the underground tunnels. If you haven’t been to Dover Castle before, it’s set right on the edge of the cliff. There’s a look out post to explore and it feels so creepy to think about how it may have felt back in the war time to see your enemy flying towards you.

Dover Castle also has some amazing war tunnels. My grandad even told me about one of his relatives who worked in them. They are done as tours allowing a certain number of guests in at once. We had a little wait as there was a queue but our three little humans were demanding food so it was the perfect opportunity to stop for a snack.

Totally shameless photo! Totally not related to this blog post and day out, but I’m trying to be a bit more confident in my own skin. This particular day was warm and sunny but due to being on a cliff, I decided to wear leggings in case the wind had a chill to it.

Throughout the day there were various topic themed demonstrations. The battle ground demonstrations were absolutely breathtaking. The cannon being fired and the guns. Things like that really make my hairs stand on end. It must have been such a scary time to live in a war zone or even when you fought over a small disagreement. You can see parts of the demonstrations in my video from our day our below.

After watching some sort of fight (it was all a bit loud) we finally made our way inside the actual castle. Of course the little sign for the Fudge Man caught our eyes and we couldn’t not have a tester. We even bought some fudge to share too and took the opportunity to grab a passer by for a family photo.

Obviously we couldn’t go all of the way to Dover without exploring inside the actual castle. The girls loved climbing the staircase to the very top. The view on top is extraordinary, you can see for miles which put Hubby on edge as the girls were adamant they wanted to peer over the edge of the rather low walls. Coming back down the spiralling staircases P1 did have a mini panic attack.

There were a few demonstrations happening inside the castle, specifically in the kitchen area. Children, and adults, could get involved with making milk and bread. They loved it. I love picturing the past when all of the ladies wore huge dresses, the children had beautiful grounds to explore and all of the lavish dinner parties. Dover Castle is so elegant inside.

After exploring the castle we headed for the little shop to take a peak. I hate that everything is always so expensive in tourist attractions, it makes me feel so mean when we deny the girls a little present.

We then found a nice little seat by the edge of the demonstration space. The girls were hungry at this point obviously so we all had some snacks and a drink whilst watching more fighting, amazing costumes and fantastic gun fire. I’m not sure the girls heard much of what was being said due to wind but it was great nonetheless.

Exploring the rest of the grounds was next on the list. Honestly the views are phenomenal and you can see for miles. Right over the edges are huge hills that would have once kept the castle safe. It’s breathtaking.

The day had gone by so quick. We definitely didn’t get to see everything at Dover Castle sadly but we want to go back, next time without the girls as we want to be able to read things and visit the museum areas a bit better.

The day was finished with an ice cream and a chat to the Jester. We had a lovely time and Dover Castle is definitely worth a visit by all. Please don’t forget to check out the below video as you can really see what I’m talking about in this blog post.

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