A Visit To Howletts Wild Animal Park

Two weeks ago we celebrated a big birthday for my MiL. Seeing as hubby’s grandparents were down ready for the big family holiday, it was decided that we were all going to go to Howletts Wild Animal Park. 

Funny enough it was one of the places of my list of to dos since we’ve moved to Kent. The girls were really excited. They adore animals and to be honest just really love being out. We’d packed a picnic and headed to the zoo for just after opening time.

howletts zoo

I was really surprised by Howletts. I really expected it to be absolutely crammed with people as it was a Wednesday in the school holidays but actually it was just right. Having not been to the zoo before I was really excited to see all the different animals and the different enclosures.

It didn’t feel like we were in a typical zoo. The enclosures seemed further apart, really big and it more felt like a nice country walk with family. With of course the added attraction of different animals on the way. I especially loved their elephants and the amazing Gorillas.

I had a really lovely day. It was very relaxed and the children didn’t misbehave too badly apart from being a little tired from all the walking. I think my MiL enjoyed her birthday and I enjoyed being a part of a four generation day out! I created a little video of our day which you can see below. Don’t forget to subscribe!


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