Absent Mother

I was apart from P2 for the longest time today. I’d decided I deserved a break… I didn’t exactly need one, I just fancied one. She was without me for 4hours!!!

It was slightly stressful to start with. My OH was very nervous and reluctant to leave her with my parents. But I persuaded him and we went off the Lakeside for some shopping and food.

My mum was loaded up with expressed milk and her two granddaughters. They decided to go to Tropical Wings. I knew that babysitting during the day was better for P2, she doesn’t feed as much during the day and if she’s out and about she’s usually asleep – simple.

It seems that they’ve had a lovely day… All back safe and in one piece at least. My OH is relieved, and I have HUGE boobies. My OH and me had a lovely time too, in between checking our phones every 5minutes, I was treated to a Superdry coat/jacket and Superdry girls boxers, my OH got new shoes and we had a giggle round Ann Summers.

Here’s the photos from P1 & P2s day out with their GrandParents and Uncle

20130511-065814 PM.jpg

20130511-065818 PM.jpg

20130511-065823 PM.jpg

20130511-065827 PM.jpg

20130511-065838 PM.jpg
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