#AD Brush Time Fun With Aquafresh

The internet hosts a whole range of information on the importance of setting up good bedtime habits. In my own experience I have learnt that setting up a consistent bedtime routine has really helped my girls to settle quicker at bedtime and enjoy a more peaceful night of sleep.

Have you heard of the phrase, Sleep hygiene? I thought it was things like brushing your teeth or having a bath before bed but actually it’s about the things you do in the lead up to bedtime that help aid a better night sleep.

For example, some children require a short nap during the day in order to have a better night sleep, doing a peaceful activity before bed like colouring, and by not giving children sugary treats before bed. All of these things and so much more can help your child have a peaceful bedtime and a better night sleep.

There’s parts of our bedtime routine that can cause chaos, specifically when I ask the girls to brush their teeth. It’s like I’m asking them to tidy their room. There’s no motivation and tiredness means there’s not much reasoning with my three mini humans. It’s like hitting a brick wall some nights.

We were sent some Aquafresh products to help the kids with their bedtime routines and hopefully make this part of our bedtime routine a little easier for them. Aquafresh have age appropriate products to aid teeth development and maintenance throughout your life. Right from the very beginning with your tiny milk teeth. We have three different products in our family.

My youngest two girls, Eva and Elsa, are both using Aquafresh Little Teeth products. Although Eva is very nearly six and will need to upgrade to Big Teeth products. The Little Teeth products are for ages three to five years, once all those tiny milk teeth have grown through, Little Teeth have significant roles to play. Little Teeth are there for chewing food, for developing speech and they also act as space holders for big teeth that are waiting in the gums.

Aquafresh Little Teeth toothpaste is formulated by dental experts. It has a really mild and gentle flavour for children. It’s low abrasion. The Sugar Acid Protection provided by fluoride helps to strengthen and defend little teeth against everyday sugars. Aquafresh Little Teeth toothbrushes are the perfect size for little hands. They have a cute character and cap that keeps the soft bristles clean when little people decide to take their toothbrush away from the bathroom.

Moving on to my biggest girl, Freya has been using the Advance which is designed for nine to twelve years old. It is extremely important for me to make sure that Freya is looking after her grown up teeth because these are the ones that will be in her mouth for the rest of her life. I found it really interesting to learn that actually those grown up teeth are not at their full strength. That process can take up to three years!

Aquafresh have created a toothpaste that provides six benefits that are important for strengthening those new grown up teeth. Those benefits are cavity protection, enamel protection, health gums, is gentle on teeth, cleans the gaps and fights plaque. Obviously these things are working at their best when your child brushes twice a day. 

The Advance toothbrush is designed with the older child in mind. It’s sleek with a small head that has mixed bristle length, a flex zone and a cushy handle. Freya has found it really easy to brush with this brush and it’s gentle on her toothless gums too.

Of course having all of these Aquafresh products to arm us for teeth brushing doesn’t automatically help us get the girls to brush their teeth and enjoy it. There’s a downloadable app from Aquafresh called Aquafresh Brush Time. It’s essentially an app that has Captain Aquafresh and the Nurdles characters motivating you to brush for the full and recommend two minutes with dance and song.

The app allows you to have four profiles set up, so perfect for my three, with four characters to choose from. Each time you brush you unlock various songs and outfits for your characters. You are also able to use tunes from your iTunes account so the songs can be exactly what motivates your own family or children. The Aquafresh Brush Time app is completely free to download too.

We’ve been using the Aquafresh Brush Time app as part of our teeth cleaning routine for a few weeks now. I wish I knew about it earlier because it’s totally improved that part of our bedtime routine. The endless battles are long gone and more often than not the girls are asking me to brush their teeth. They find it hilarious and so much fun. The singing and dancing characters make the two minutes fly by.

I like to think I’ve created a sleep hygiene for my girls to help them fall asleep at bedtime. We turn the lights low, we calm them down with a bath, enjoy a story together and brush our teeth in a fun way without arguments. By doing certain things every evening in the lead up to bedtime, you can create a peaceful environment that really welcomes better sleep.

I actually created a little video for this which I hope you’ll enjoy watching.


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post working with Mumsnet and Aquafresh.


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