Adjusting To Warmer & Longer Days

Hands up if your Easter holidays were full of fun and warm weather? My hands are definitely up. I am a happier person when the weather is kind to us and my daughters adore being outside exploring. We don’t have a garden for ourselves so we had to find places to visit for pretty much every single day and I am now in recovery mode.

Spring time marks the start of our longer days. It’s brighter in the morning and brighter in the evening. This year the girls have adjusted to the brighter evenings quite well. We’ve had a few conversations about it still being “morning” because the sun is out still at 7pm but they generally settle down to sleep pretty quickly as they are exhausted from the fun.

However, I am not adjusting well to the brighter mornings. The girls have been waking at the same sort of time, somewhere between 6:30-7:30 in the morning. They are also sleeping a little (teeny tiny) bit better during the night too yet I am waking feeling more exhausted than ever. I honestly believe this is due to our room being so incredibly bright from the moment the sun wakes up.

We have a lovely VELUX window in our room. It’s the brightest room in our house and it’s brilliant for photography but it is not brilliant for the quality of sleep I am getting during the Spring and Summer months. We desperately need to get a VELUX blind to help prevent those sun rays entering our room before we want it. I would love to have a blackout VELUX window up there to help me get into a deeper sleep.

Of course there are definite upsides to having the warmer and longer days. Despite being super busy every single day of the Easter holidays, it has been a very chilled and laid back approach. We haven’t had to worry about an evening trip to the park before bedtime. The warmer weather has seen us have so many picnics that I’ve actually invested in my first ever picnic blanket.

I am definitely looking forward to darker mornings though. I can live with the evenings being bright. Have your kids struggled to adjust to the longer days? Are you finding it a struggle to adjust? I’d love to know so please leave a comment below.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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