An Afternoon At Riverhill Himalayan Gardens

Two weekends ago P1 headed off to Essex to spend what originally was three nights with my Mum. They were taking P1 to Buckingham Palace on a special coach trip with my Grandad and my little Brother. The sleepovers kept getting extended and in the end she was away from Thursday to Tuesday. She had a brilliant time which I knew she would!


Whilst she was away, Hubby and I wanted to make sure we were busy with P2 and P3. They really feel it when their sister is gone for any longer than a usual school day. P2 especially asks after her so we needed to keep them busy. These two also don’t cope very well with staying indoors for too long either, even more so without their big sister to entertain them.

hop farm riverhill himalayan gardens

My MiL invited us along to Riverhill Himalayan Gardens which is in Sevenoaks for the afternoon. We packed a picnic and ventured off. The weather has been so incredibly kind to us this summer and this day was no different. Thankfully it has cooled off a bit generally so it is no longer unbearably hot.


Riverhill Himalayan Gardens is a beautiful garden and woodland area with a cafe and play area for the kids. I made a lavender bag for P2 and P3 in the little tent that was set up during the school holidays. I’m not sure why but I felt quite stressed out in general that day so it was lovely to walk it off. P3 got rather emotional on arrival and ended up sleeping in the pram.

riverhill himalayan gardens

The gardens are so pretty at Riverhill. They are well maintained and full of colour. Whilst P2 searched for the Yeti with my MiL and Hubby, I took P3 for a leisurely wander through the rose gardens and to see the water feature. I was really interested to see how in awe she was. It was spectacular.


We had a super afternoon out in the fresh air. I even created a little video of our day out to remind me of our time at Riverhill Himalayan Gardens. I’m really missing the quiet mornings and being able to go on so many adventures!

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  1. I love finding gardens like that for them to run around and explore. This looks perfect!

  2. That looks like an amazing place – I would have been in heaven with my camera there 😉

  3. Looks such a beautiful place to explore. The flowers are so pretty. Looks like you had a great time

  4. the photos are stunning and it sounds like a wonderful little visit. What a lovely set of gardens.

  5. What a stunning place to visit and it looks like you had the most perfect weather for it. 🙂 x

  6. this looks gorgeous! Wish we were having weather like that today!

  7. Aww looks like a fab time and I love the photos.

  8. Awh, they had so much fun exporing, little gem of a place!

  9. It looks really beautiful there. I hope you’re feeling a bit less stressed out now.
    Alana x

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