Aldi Mamia Nappy Review

I change two different bottoms, roughly 8 times a day, seven days a week! This will cut down to one bottom soon, I’m counting down the days trust me but my nappy changing days are far from over so finding the right nappy for my children is critical. We’ve tried a lot.

P1 spent her time in branded Pampers or Huggies, and P2 spent her early time in cloth nappies but she is a very heavy wetter and we couldn’t find a nappy to suit except disposables. P3 is also in disposables. If there’s a good offer we’ll use the branded nappies but the majority of the time they both wear the cheapest supermarket own.

We’ve never tried Aldi nappies before and welcomed the chance to try them. We were sent a packet for both P2 and P3.


The packaging is bright but I do think they are quite close in colour to the leading brand nappies so wouldn’t necessarily stand out to me in the shops.

P2s size 5 Ultra-Dry nappies are amazingly colourful. They have cute little animals on each one. It also has a lion facing you on the front, and he has his back to you at the back. I think this feature is just wonderful as hubby always seems to get confused at which way they go round.

The design of P3s size 2 newborn nappies are much less attractive. They have one little rabbit on the front and that’s it. However, it does feature a handy wet-indicator strip which helps to know whether she’s actually wet a nappy and saves you wasting any.


Both sizes feature the velcro type fastenings that are able to fasten on top of each other for smaller babies and have plenty of tab for bigger babies. They both have elasticated leg areas and a leak-proof system. There’s nothing really that screams “different” except the beautiful design of the older nappy. Both nappies are very thin which worried me at first.

I guess the most important thing to discuss about a nappy is it’s reliability. Does it actually contain everything?! Yes. I’m not just saying that either. I’ve had my fair share of leak problems over my time but I haven’t yet had one incident from the Aldi Mamia nappies, from either child. I said previously that P2 is a heavy wetter, well normally I would have to wake her up and change her once in the night, including a fresh set of pjs every night, but since using the Aldi nappies I haven’t needed to change her until the morning and even by that time there’s no leakages. P3 has also been the same.

But most importantly and what I’m astounded at is their ability to hold an upset tummy. (Yuck sorry) P2 is currently on antibiotics and P3 is slightly under the weather yet the Aldi nappies have managed to contain all eventualities. I’m so pleased!!

These nappies are really good quality and really do work. With the cost being so low and both packets quickly becoming smaller, I’m worrying about going back to our previous nappies. Our nearest Aldi is nearly 9 miles away and that’s a long way to go each week for just nappies!!


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Brilliantly reliable nappies!

Brilliantly reliable nappies! Bold designs and slim fitting.

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  1. Elizabeth Rebecca

    You’ll obviously have to decide if it’s worth the drive – I think maybe stock up and then run to the corner shop if you run out?

    Lizzie Dripping

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