All Over Again

My hormones have been all over the place this pregnancy and today has been no exception!

I keep looking at my beautiful girl and my bump and a huge overwhelming feeling rushes over me. Then I started to think about all the good things that have happened to me recently. How lucky I am. How happy I am. And how content I am. I started to really miss my OH and desperately wanted to be back in his arms. Which in turn made me burst into tears!!

I’m pathetic :’) I definitely think that lack of sleep and pregnancy hormones do not mix well.

I’ve managed to get P1 off to sleep for a nap so I’m snuggled next to her in the hope I can catch some shut eye too.

Tonight I’m treating the OH to a night out just us. So I’ve got to be fresh and unemotional for that. I’ve kept what we are doing a secret but he knows me too well so will probably have already guessed. Predictable

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  1. Oh man. I feel sorry for your husband. He must be very smooth to understand what you need when you are in moods like that.

  2. Awww ! I can totally relate “/ But you’re a strong momma !! You’ve made it this far and with a little one, you definitely got this 🙂

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