“All the different things they can learn from a garden is incredible”

When we went house hunting having a garden was never very high on our priority list. Now the weather is stunning I’m slightly regretting our home “check list”. P1 has always been a garden girl, she spent a lot of time helping her Great-Grandad in his garden and she’s always happiest when able to play outside with her toys. As P2 grows I can see the same personality.

Both the girls adore being outside. Whether it’s because the garden gives them freedom or the different sights, sounds and textures. All the different things they can learn from a garden is incredible. Especially a garden like my Grandad’s. He said to me today “that’s all me that garden is” and that’s completely true. My Nan and Grandad bought their house from new, along with my mum and Auntie they are the only people to ever live there so every inch of the garden is his.

My Grandad loves being outdoors and going on long walks. At one point his own garden wasn’t big enough for all the vegetables and fruit he wanted to grow so he expanded to an allotment. I have many photos and many memories around that garden and watching P1 explore as she grew and now P2 doing the same is just magical. We spent some time there today when we dropped P1 for her sleepover and I took some lovely photos.

20140805-035545 pm-57345396.jpg

P1 taught her sister to pick the apples from the grass and put them onto the garden table. She showed her the rosemary bush and they helped their Great-Grandad to pick a couple of corn on the cobs for us to take home. They played together and were calm in each other’s company. It was lovely.

I could never have a garden just like my Grandad’s but it’s certainly going to be one of our top priority items for the future.

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