Allergic Reaction

Whenever I ask my OH to get me something from the shops I always get really nervous about what he’ll actually bring home with him. I had one of these incidents when I went into hospital to give birth to P2.

With the amount of false alarms and hospital visits I’d run out of the little travel sized spray deodorants in my hospital bag and I had forgotten to repack when I actually went into labour. So I’d sent my OH off to go get some. I’ve always used Dove but he came back with MUM this time. Anyway, cut a long story short… It’s a fantastic deodorant.

My OH has slowly drummed into my to shop for bargains. So when I recently went shopping for more deodorant there was an offer on Nivea – £1 instead of another brand being over £2.

I used the new deodorant for a week then on Wednesday my armpits suddenly became very itchy, sore and red. Typical, I’ve clearly got an allergic reaction to it.

I don’t want to be negative towards Nivea, I love their products. I just wanted to tell my story incase anyone else has sensitive skin, the deodorant was the Nivea Avocado one. Nearly a week on, my armpits are dry and still red. Luckily not itchy anymore, but still sore. I’ve also not been able to wear deodorant so am very stinky!

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