AmiGami Craft Party

To make P1s Easter Holiday that little bit more special we were sent some pretty amazing AmiGami sets so that she could host her own craft party with up to 10 of her friends. I was really excited to see her reaction as she’s been practically begging us for her own set for ages thanks to the TV adverts.


AmiGami were definitely designed with people like me in mind. There’s no mess, no glue, no glitter or paint. They are plastic animal bodies with holes that you use pins and pop out shapes to create your own designs. They are designed to be for aged 6+, however P2 is only 2 and she was giving it a good go but needed plenty of assistance. 

PicMonkey Collage

We invited a couple of friends of P1 to come for a playdate, most of them were busy or on holiday but we managed to grab a few friends to participate in the fun. I didn’t take any photos that included her friends for obvious reasons so we had a quick go at making the AmiGami sets before the play date started.

With P2 needing lots of help, I found myself sitting creating a monkey, panda and rabbit myself and thoroughly enjoying myself. I normally get frustrated or annoyed with craft activities that involve the children but this was so much fun. All the girls had such cute little concentration faces on them and with the sets being so easy to create it was a very chilled morning.

ami gami

Look how cute they are! There were plenty of left over shapes from each of the sets and with the pins being reusable it gives the AmiGami a much better appeal for play and imagination! Each set costs around £10 depending on the animal you want, I do think this is really expensive for what it is and that’s probably why we haven’t bought any ourselves.

I created a short little video of our morning craft party (Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos)

Having an AmiGami Craft Party is such a fantastic idea for a play date. No mess, no tricky bits to fiddle with, just pure fabulous fun!!


Value for Money

Fantastic craft idea for children. No mess and easy to create.

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