An 11th Christmas Eve Birthday

Not only is Christmas Eve the exciting day before Christmas, but it’s also our eldest daughters birthday. 

After living in denial during the lead up to her 10th birthday last year, this birthday was really exciting and I felt like everything was organised for her as she turned a huge 11 years of age!

Freya always wakes up early but this time we woke her up. She’d clearly got the memo about having a birthday lay in but the rest of us were too excited for her.

Due to Freya’s autism, it’s sometimes hard to know if she is happy or grateful. This year it was so clear how content she was and I genuinely don’t think I’ve ever seen Freya smile as much as she did on Christmas Eve this year.

As you can see by the photos, she was extremely spoilt this year. We went thirds with my Mum and Grandad to buy her the Lego Hogwarts Castle. It has over 6,000 pieces! It’s something she’s asked for for a while now and after the brilliant year she’s had, we thought she deserved it.

The original plan for Christmas Eve was to head to Toby Carvery. It’s Freya’s favourite place to go and eat so we’d specifically booked for the Father Christmas Breakfast. Sadly, I had a phone call fifteen minutes before we were due to leave to say that their ovens were broken and they had to cancel.

I was devastated as we had decided to keep it a surprise from Freya. Instead, we had to rearrange the plans so that my mother-in-law came to our house instead. She brought with her a delicious McDonald’s breakfast. Freya was very pleased as she drenched her pancakes in syrup!

Traditionally, we take the girls out to do something they love on their birthdays. On their previous years it’s been things like the pantomime, Jump In or Clip n Climb.

This year we opted to stay at home to enjoy family time and allow Freya to get started on her Hogwarts Castle. It was really nice to take a more chilled out approach to Christmas Eve.

Freya was so happy the entire day and it was so lovely to just see her gorgeous smiling face. 

You can take a watch of our Christmas Eve in this video. I really love capturing our moments so if you’ve just stumbled across my blog, I’d love it if you could head over to YouTube to subscribe too!

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