An Update On Vlogmas 2015

It’s been over two weeks since I started recording VLOGMAS videos for my YouTube Channel and I’ve included the playlist where it scrolls through my videos in order in case you haven’t seen them yet.

I decided to join in with VLOGMAS to challenge myself and it really has been quite a task. I’m not sure it’s the filming that has been the tricky part, it’s all the editing. I promised myself I wouldn’t do much editing but that went out the window by day 3 I think.

I have found that I’m taking less photos and the need to write my thoughts or daily life down on my blog has decreased too. Despite this I have found a huge love for YouTube, far greater than I thought I would and spend my spare time watching other parenting vloggers or popular YouTubers getting ideas, being inspired and laughing.

I just wanted to say thank you to those who have been watching my videos. The view count hasn’t been fantastic but what matters is that I now have or will have by the end, 25 days of our lives to remember and cherish.

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