Ann Summers Rara & Iyla Lingerie Review

When I was pregnant with P1 I was at school, and I remember being told frequently that by having a baby it would ruin my sex life. I would love to say that they were wrong but they weren’t, in a way, my sex life hasn’t been ruined since becoming a parent but it has changed. A lot.

My OH and I always had a pretty active sex life back in the days before P2. Especially when we started trying for her. I was energetic and needed him. But then pregnancy kicked in and things certainly took a turn for the worst in the bedroom department. My want was there still hiding somewhere under aching bones, tired eyes and my head down the toilet. It just didn’t happen. I found myself preferring to go to sleep over staying up with my man to make love. Something we used to be quite good at. Thankfully after her arrival and once my body started to return to it’s pre-pregnancy state I felt sexier and hand in hand our sex life returned. Not to normal, nowhere near, but let’s just say a lot more often than pregnancy sex.

Breastfeeding and sexy didn’t really go together though. My BF bras were just not a “come get me” piece of bedroom equipment. Since my milk has dried up I’ve decided to brave some sexy lingerie so I was very pleased to be able to receive some from Ann Summers.


I have been reviewing the Iyla Plunge Bra & Iyla Thong set (left) and also the Rara Balconette Bra & Rara Thong set (right). Both bras and thongs fitted me perfectly. I especially love the bow details on both bras.


The Iyla bra has a fold out padded area. This is also removable. I haven’t seen padding like this before on a bra so was worried about comfort, but the bra is actually now my favourite bra and I have to keep washing it so that I can wear it over and over again. The Iyla bra is definitely more of a day time bra for me.


The Rara bra has a lovely frill around the top of the cups and around the chest band. This gives a fantastic illusion of bigger boobies which I found just what I needed with my pre-breastfeeding ones I have now to give me that extra sexy feeling. My OH really enjoyed this one too. It has normal bra straps that can be detached as well as detachable ribbon for a halterneck fastening.



Both thongs are exceptionally comfortable so I’d definitely wear them as every day pants or as sexy lingerie. I do love the Rara thong the most though as I love the pink, frills and the bows.

(This product was sent to me free of charge by Ann Summers for the purpose of this review. All opinions are of my own)


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Well made lingerie. Very comfortable and sexy.

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