Annabel Karmel Collaborates With Baby Annabell

A few weeks ago we had the absolute delight in being invited to head into London for an event with Annabel Karmel and Baby Annabell to celebrate the launch of the new Lunch Time range.

I braved a very wet journey into London with the girls by myself. It was a bit of a horrendous journey as it was early but we enjoyed chatting about Florida to a fellow commuter. But we made it!

I have actually met Annabel Karmel before, she’s a really sweet and bubbly person. I’m sure many of you have had one of her cookbooks at some point in your parenting journey. She has actually written 46 books! I am a huge fan.

Anyway, the task for us during the event was to make Halloween Alien Apple & Pumpkin Muffins. Everything had been measured out for us, we had aprons and hats to enjoy too. We listened to a short talk from Annabel herself before getting started on our bake.

Baby Annabell and Annabel Karmel have worked together to create five recipes to help make lunch time fun for families. These including Veggie Fritters (we got to try these at the event and they were delicious!), Mini Puff Pastry Pizza Faces, Choc Orange and Courgette Cake, Halloween Monster Chicken Burgers and the Alien Apple & Pumpkin Muffins.

The girls got really stuck in with the mixing of ingredients. They love baking and although they bickered quite a bit, they did manage to work as a team. Freya was doing the adding of ingredients and the other two mixed… with a little bit of finger licking too!

The girls were then handed some “here’s some we baked earlier” muffins to decorate. We had been given all of the bits to create monsters with our cakes and the girls had a brilliant time getting creative.

After finishing our creations, we had the chance to try out the muffins. Elsa who is our fussiest eater, devoured her cake in seconds. She absolutely loved it! They boxed up the baked plain muffins for us to take home too.

It was another very soggy walk back to the train station with some brilliant goodie bags. We had been kindly given a Baby Annabell and a Baby Alexander plus the brand new Lunch Time Table which has been designed to help children begin to understand the importance of healthy meal choices.

We got our very soggy box home and Elsa couldn’t wait to unbox and get playing with her new toys. She has a huge love for dolls.

The Lunch Time Table includes 3 main meals, 3 desserts, bottle and spoon and of course the table itself. The table is interactive with lights and sounds. The lights show up red or green depending on if Baby Annabell likes the food choices you’ve placed on the table for her.

Both Baby Annabell and Alexander had their fussy moments like all children. You can hear them saying things like “baa” or “yum yum”. Its a lovely toy to engage with and for Elsa to be imaginative in her play with her dolls. She loves it!

The Baby Annabell Lunch Time Table costs £34.99 and doesn’t include the doll but fits dolls up to 43cm.

I filmed our little adventure which I hope you’ll enjoy watching!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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