Annabel Karmel Organic Baby Purées Review

P2 has been getting her lips around some more delicious pouches. This time from Annabel Karmel.
20130821-091020 AM.jpgWe were given: Fruity Apple, Blueberry & Vanilla stage 1, scrumptious salmon & sweet potato stage 2, and tasty chicken & butternut squash. Annabel’s latest product, this is set to hit the shelves in September. The purees are made from organic products.

I absolutely love the packaging. I think it’s a fantastic idea to have the flavour written inside the baby bib. The colours are bold and will certainly stand out well on the shelves. On the back it has all the information you’d need, how long to heat it for, how to store, what ingredients have gone inside. The pouch is easy to open, although squeezing the stage 2 mixture out was a little tougher compared to stage 1.
20130821-092116 AM.jpgP2 absolutely loved the fruity flavour and managed to eat the whole pouch in one meal. P1 even tried it and told us that it was, and I quote, “it’s very fruity and I love it”.
20130821-092405 AM.jpgP2 has always eaten stage 1 or little bits of our food. She hasn’t yet tried any lumpy food so it was exciting to offer her the stage 2 pouches. She wasn’t overly impressed by the salmon flavour at first, fish always has a strong taste so I probably shouldn’t have offered her this one first, but she did manage to eat the whole pouch over the day. Once she got the hang of stage 2, the chicken flavour went down a treat.

I really think that these pouches are a fantastic idea for travel, or when you just don’t have time to cook a proper meal, and it’s even better that you can trust what’s going in your baby’s tummy. I’ve met Annabel Karmel and she was such a wonderful lady, so not only does the packaging tell me that this new range is healthy, I can truly trust that they’ve been designed and produced from the heart.
20130821-082548 PM.jpg

20130821-082558 PM.jpg(This product was sent free of charge by Annabel Karmel for the purpose of this review. All opinions are of my own)

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