Annabel Karmel’s Busy Mum’s Cookbook Review

I have started to really enjoy cooking and baking recently and my little collection of cookbooks is growing. One thing I’ve noticed is that since becoming a parent, my cook book collection is heavily dominated by Annabel Karmel. From weaning, child friendly and family cookbooks I have nearly everything to get ideas for new meals for my family.


As a family with 3 rapidly growing children who have various different clubs or activities, time is precious and I can’t afford to be in the kitchen for hours creating meals. Once again, Annabel has come to my rescue with her new Annabel Karmel’s Busy Mum’s Cookbook.


The cookbook is hard back which I find stays open much easier than a paperback cookbook. The photos are beautiful throughout and they help to get your imagination running wild. The recipes are really clearly laid out with ingredients on the left and instructions on the right.

This specific cookbook covers recipes that are perfect for busy mums, so easy to cook or meals that require minimal ingredients. The book is made up into 8 main sections; the introduction which includes Annabel’s ingredients that she can’t live without, 20-minute recipes, six ingredients which I personally think has a fantastic selection, prepare ahead for those moments you may have a bit longer, lunch boxes and snacks, store cupboard recipes that are great for using up random ingredients you have before a big shop, entertaining ideas and then delicious sweet recipes.


One of the 20-minute recipes really caught my eye, chicken chow mein, and so we followed the instructions and ingredients to create a super delicious meal. I’m not that fantastic and veg chopping yet so it did take a little longer than 20-minutes but not by very much.

I love the variety of recipes in this cookbook. Things that I probably wouldn’t ever dream of cooking due to the effort involved in them, but Annabel Karmel has really simplified and made them super easy for even the busiest of mums! You can get the Annabel Karmel’s Busy Mum’s Cookbook for £9 on Amazon, a blooming fantastic price!


Disclosure: This product was sent free of charge for the purpose of this review. However, all opinions remain my own

Annabel Karmel Busy Mum's Cookbook

Value For Money

Full of super ideas

This cookbook is full of fantastic recipe ideas for a busy family. Easy to read and inspiring photos too.

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