Announcing My #BML16 Sponsor

Have you ever been so excited about something that it becomes the forefront of your mind until it happens. That’s how I feel whenever I think about the biggest UK blogging event of the year, #BML16 (previously known as BritMums Live). I’ve been for two years running and this year will be my third.

#BML16 is exactly 5 months away. 25th June. I have had some pretty exciting news about the event and as much as I’ve tried, I can’t restrain the excitement to just my own head and close family any longer. I’ve had to write this post well ahead of when I had planned to. I should probably apologise in advance for any spamming I’ll do from now until June because I feel so incredibly proud of myself and my blog.


I’m thrilled to announce that my attendance for #BML16 will be sponsored by the absolutely awesome company, Yankee Candle. I have always loved and admired the Yankee Candles but shamefully never owned one myself until last September when my brother bought me one, a Vanilla Cupcake one and that’s when my obsession began. I now a Yankee candle on every adult window sill and my collection is ever growing so I think this sponsorship is a great fit for me and my blog.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, Yankee Candle are the worlds most recognised candle name. They offer a huge range of candle products and their scents cover any occasion. Personally I love how they have certain scents for certain seasons, my first bunch has been the festive selection and I’m so excited to add some Spring smells.

So there we have it. A very early, very exciting, introduction to my #BML16 journey. Are you going? Let me know.


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  1. I love Yankee Candles! Would love to go to Brotmums one year but I’m scared! x

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Scared of what? Everyone is so friendly and it’s a really lovely atmosphere. I was terrified my first year

  2. I love Yankee Candles and have loads of them all around the house, I have the vanilla cupcake one too. What a great sponsor, well done xx

  3. Awesome sponsor I love Yankee candles! Well done hun see you there! xx

  4. Oh wow I’m a massive Yankee Candle fan! I want to go but need to find a sponsor and need to get more proactive about getting one, haha x

  5. What a brilliant sponsor, well done! I’ve never been to britmums and can’t this year as i’m on holiday but next year I hope to go and meet a few fellow bloggers! x

  6. That’s great news. Can you let me know how you go about getting a sponsor?

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Hi Nicola, sorry I’ve only just seen this comment. I emailed Yankee as I’ve worked with them before and gave them what I could offer them, ie social media reach and blog posts. Good luck! Would be lovely if you can go.

  7. Great company to be sponsored by! I love Yankee Candles and I have a few left to burn myself, they just smell amazing.

  8. Wow! What a fabulous sponsor, don’t worry about posting pre planned, that’s something to rave about. Well done. I’d love to go to Britmums just not sure if I’d be on my own the whole time Haha x

  9. Well done – I love Yankee Candles 🙂 I am looking forward to BML too – it will be my second one. Kaz x

  10. ooh thats good news. I discovered yankee candles when I moved to the UK and love to get anew one each Christmas.

  11. Innocent Charms Chats

    Wow I am very jealous, what an amazing sponsor xx

  12. Oh well done! What a brilliant company to be sponsored by :)! xx

  13. Oh wow what a fantastic company to be sponsored by! Well done

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