Apologising For Crying – Mummy’s Shouldn’t Cry

Monday’s are known for being manic. We all wish it was the weekend still.

Well today I’m definitely having one of those days already! We had a rough night with P2; it wasn’t that she kept waking up, she just kept wriggling, grunting, farting and feeding. It even kept my OH awake which is very unusual as he sleeps through anything and everything.

So naturally today was set out to be a disaster and oh my it is! I’ve chopped my finger off, ok not literally, but it blooming feels like it!

Basically, I was fixing together P1s new sit-on buggy board and I pushed too hard and the seat bit slipped down straight onto my fingers. I grabbed my hand in absolute agony; it honestly felt like they were broken. Tears pouring from my eyes and trying so hard not to swear. P1 was utterly worried about me and I kept apologising to her for crying.

I checked my fingers and it was just the middle one with damage – all I could see was blood on the end. Without looking too much I put a damp cloth on my finger and then managed to get a plaster.

I text my OH to call me when he could and surprisingly he rang straight away and decided to come straight home – I think with the amount I was crying he was rather worried. He took my plaster off and had a look at the damage done; I’ve cut the inside tip of my middle finger in an arrow shape and its literally hanging off (the skin) and the other side my nail is really bruised.

My OH has taken the day off work now and I feel so guilty about it. But I’m really struggling to do normal things… I can’t even change P2s nappy without being in agony!

P1 got some Rowntree’s Randoms for being so brave and helpful to mummy – she sat with P2 whilst I put my plaster on as she was crying too.

And I got a McDonald’s pancake breakfast for being so brave.

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  1. lifeloveandlivingwithboys

    Oh poor you! Sounds really painful 🙁 Hope it heals really quickly. Lovely that OH came straight round to look after you all, my hubby would just grunt and let me get on with it!:D

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