Appeal Unsuccessful

Guess what? P1 doesn’t have a school. Yup. Our appeal was unsuccessful and I found this out the day before we went on holiday!

We are half way through the school holidays. This is meant to be a time where my OH and I were going to part with lots of cash buying uniforms and stationary for our daughter. She was meant to have already met teachers and visited her school. But nope, we haven’t been able to do all those things and I don’t even know where she’ll be going to school.

I’m so worried about the situation. I wanted so desperately for P1 to attend our chosen school. I at least wanted to have the say in where she’d be educated. All I’ve ever wanted is the best for her and now she’s just going to be shoved anywhere that has places.

What happens if there are no spaces?

I can’t believe how much we are all in limbo now. It’s even more worrying that there’s only skeleton staff in schools during the holidays. There’s so many boxes that need ticking for P1s school, it has to suit her physical needs.

Can you tell I’m just slightly terrified?!
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