“It’s so lucky you are having another girl. Means you can reuse all of P1s things” – eeeeerrrrrmmm unfortunately not.

Back when I had P1 and my relationship broke down with her dad I needed all the extra income I could scrape together. It wasn’t that I was stuck for money as I was working by then. It was more that I wanted to give us a better lifestyle and I had also moved out on my own with her. As she grew out of things – I sold them. Everything from her scratch mits to her crib. It all got sold.

Which at the time wasn’t a huge bother as I didn’t think I’d end up having anymore children.

Then when my OH and I decided to loosely start trying for a baby it dawned on me that I was about as prepared as a first time mother. We have nothing and this is going to end up costing a fortune!

As soon as we got the positive and told our families and friends – help arrived with hand-me-downs and presents galore.

All my OH and I have bought is the feeding equipment, a few odd bits like some clothes/blanket and the chair bouncer.

We received enough clothes to really start us up for a good few months from a very generous friend of mine. Thank you!

I kept one thing from P1 her travel system. But I’d sold the carseat part of it as that wasn’t getting used. My Grandad has been using the pushchair part when he has P1 in his care. He bought my travel system 4 years ago 😉

Then I have my wonderful mother-in-law to thank for literally everything else. And it’s been all the big stuff. The cot bed, the mattress, the playmat, the carseat (which happily fits our travel system), clothes, toys, maternity bras and nighties, bedding, the cot mobile… I’ve probably forgotten something or a lot of things but I think you catch the drift.

We’ve been very very lucky! I remember being worried about accepting used items. I thought that it may take away the excitement for my OH of having his first child and getting to choose things for her. But when I saw that actually he was a lot happier to save the money I soon realised what a blooming help my mother-in-law has been to us – especially our bank balance!!!

It’s been hard not buying anything when we go shopping. Really hard. But I know how easy it is to over indulge in things that may never get used. I’m probably driving my OH mad everytime I ask for some more babygros or that pretty little dress.

I bet when she arrives he won’t be able to help himself! With P1 he’s always getting her little gifts here and there and I’m the one groaning saying “it’s nearly Christmas” or “we’ve only just had Christmas” but he can’t help himself sometimes!

Thank you so much to everyone that has helped provide the set up for our second daughter! You have absolutely no idea how much it means to us. I know I haven’t mentioned everyone but its hard when you don’t want to give away names on your blog haha!

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  1. I hear ya by the time I had Squishy I hadn’t had a baby in 8 years!!!! Same situation a prior realtionship and now a new one. We were blessed with hand me downs from an old grade school friend of mine!

  2. That was nice 🙂 x

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