Loom Band Craze – are loom bands dangerous ?

I’ve managed to steer clear of this Loom Band craze at the moment. I first heard about them over on Instagram from some fellow bloggers but P1 hadn’t spoke about them so I figured it hadn’t reach her school yet.

Then only a week later nearly every child I saw walking to school were wearing brightly coloured bracelets. They hit the school and hit hard. We all received an email saying that the head teacher loved the idea of the loom bands as they promoted creativity, however, had to be kept in their lockers until break/lunch. What a lovely head teacher she has!!

When I was a child there were many different crazes; Pokemon and Crazy Bones being the ones I remember most. For one reason or another, usually because children were not doing fair swaps and parents got upset, they all ended up being banned in school. I can see this happening with the loom bands. The head teacher is completely right; they promote creativity, coordination and fun between friends. P1 has since told me many stories of her friends creating these bracelets and sharing them. Her face lights up and therefore hubby has ordered her a kit.

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But I know that by the time they get here, loom bands will be banned in school and yet another craze stomped in the dirt. There’s been a few incidents in the media this past week and I have to admit they’ve made me a little angry. Parents are complaining that the loom bands need a health risk on the packaging because their son fell asleep with some on his fingers causing them to turn blue. It looked painful, yes, but isn’t this the same risk as a child playing with a simple rubber band?! Then there’s another incident of a child pinging the band into his brothers eye and causing blindness. Again, the same thing could be caused by an average elastic band?!

There’s a part of me that keeps screaming out “common sense” to these parents. Supervision. It’s simple supervision. Instructions and explaining the dangers, showing them how to use them safely and helping. All of the publicised incidents are terrifying, but I just can’t find any part of me that agrees with the parents arguments. Those accidents were not a fault or a danger caused by the creators of Loom Bands. They were accidents where parenting is partly to blame.

I’m not sitting here slagging the parents off. I just think they need to open their eyes a little. There’s been many accidents that have happened with my two girls that could have been prevented by my parenting. Children need to be supervised more, no matter what their ages are, just because they are older certainly doesn’t mean they are wiser.

I can’t wait to get creating with P1 when her kit arrives.

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