“Armed with my cloth swim nappy, towels, costume and bottle of milk we headed to the local Virgin Active swimming pool”

P1 has been doing swimming lessons weekly for a while now and because of her hyper mobility it’s been taking a long time to progress her. My OH and I have only ever been swimming once as a family of 3, which I admit is pretty poor!

Yesterday, we all went swimming as a family of 4. Armed with my cloth swim nappy, towels, costume and bottle of milk we headed to the local Virgin Active swimming pool that had an open weekend. It cost us £5 for all of us to go swimming which was pretty good. I was very nervous.

P2 absolutely hates bath time, she screams as if she’s being murdered as soon as her toes touch the slightest bit of wet. So I naturally assumed I’d only spend about 2 minutes in the swimming pool with my OH and P1. We took things slow.

20130826-032915 PM.jpg
The children’s swimming pool has a bathroom theme; a slide inside a duck, an oversized toothpaste that spurts water out, huge taps that sprinkle water like a shower, bubbly jacuzzi area for children and fountains coming out the floor. The pool goes from being nothing to about knee height in my 6ft 2in tall OH. P1 was in her element.

I sat right at the beginning of the slope with P2. Letting her take in the surroundings and watch her sister. Then I gradually edged us further into the water. To our shock she absolutely loved it! We managed to go as deep as her shoulders and didn’t fancy pushing her limits. We spent 45minutes in the pool as a family of 4 and I felt so proud.

It’s like a mission though, having two children, I always found one child and myself to get ready after swimming such a challenge. This time it was worse, although quite straight forward. I took P2 off to get ready, wrapped her up warm in a towel, quickly shoved my clothes on and then got her ready and fed. We then went back onto the poolside and my OH went his way and I took P1 to get ready. Mission accomplished! AND with no tears from any of us.

It was a thoroughly enjoyed trip.

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