ASDA Little Angels Spa Day At The Dorchester Hotel

I have longed for a spa break for my entire adult life. I have never been to a spa nor have I ever experienced a professional massage of any sort. So when a pretty exciting email found its way into my inbox I rushed to respond. A spa experience at the Dorchester Hotel with ASDA Little Angels. How could a girl refuse that sort of invitation?! I actually felt so terrified in the lead up and even took to Facebook to ask for Spa tips as I was a newbie with absolutely no idea what to wear, take or do whilst there.

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Event day soon arrived and I nervously left Hubby in charge of all three girls as I went gallivanting off to London. Typically the trains had engineering work and the specific train I wanted to catch had been cancelled, along with the one before that. I was a little panicky that I wouldn’t be able to get to London for such an amazing event that had been planned. But thankfully the one that should have arrived over half an hour before arrived leaving plenty of time for a brisk walk the other end to the Dorchester Hotel. The hotel was spectacular and like nothing I’d ever seen before. The ceilings were tall and there were staff there to open the doors for you.

asda little angels talk

There was about 10 bloggers in total for the event so it was really intimate which made me even more nervous. We were lead into the Spa which was decorated to such high standards. Beautiful soft fabrics hanging around the walls, a creamy white colour which was calming on the eyes. It just screamed quality. There was a beautiful spread of food and drinks with champagne on arrival. We were introduced to the lovely lady from ASDA Little Angels and started the afternoon off with a talk about all the new products.


We used to use ASDA Little Angels nappies when we lived practically next door to an ASDA but we sort of lost touch with the company when we moved and now our local one is over a twenty minute drive away. I was so interested to hear about the new range and the complete overhaul ASDA Little Angels had in 2015. The talk was specifically on the  Little Angels nappy range, where they now offer nine different products suiting from birth all the way into childhood. We was handed each of the nine products to take a look at for ourselves and I was so pleasantly surprised to actually notice differences between the leading brand and the ASDA own brand. Specifically being the softness.


After the talk we were all sent to get into our robes. The lovely Sarah from This Mama Life was so kind to me and I probably forced myself under her wing. She explained the process of the spa to me and I felt much more at ease. I changed into my robe and headed back out to chat with the lovely PR ladies. I always feel slightly out of depth in adult conversations as I haven’t experienced things that pretty much everyone else has but I was made to feel so at home. I had picked to have a Swedish Massage and a Manicure, my treatments were at 4:30 so I had lots of time beforehand to eat the delicious foods and sip my champagne in luxury.

Having a massage was the most dreamy experience ever. At first it felt a little awkward but I soon relaxed and enjoyed just laying in the darkened room with the soft sound of music. I tried not to let my mind think of anything too stressy and focus mainly on the massage. I didn’t fall asleep like a lot of the others did, but it was lovely all the same. I picked a bright pink for my nails which was done in the same room as I lay wrapped in my robe. I feel so lucky to have experienced the spa day and I spent all my time chatting that I didn’t actually get to see the relaxation rooms or use the steam room so I guess I’ll have no choice but to return one day.


The journey home was more straight forward. I decided to use my free credit on Uber to call a taxi to take me to the train station. The first time I’ve ever used it and it was so simple. Again, some of the trains were cancelled or delayed but I managed to grab a pretty crowded one which definitely wasn’t what I wanted after having a relaxing massage and carrying really heavy ASDA Little Angel goodie bags. But getting off the other end and seeing my little family waiting for me was really sweet. Hubby had taken the girls to McDonalds, the park and the home for play time. He’d survived all three. In fact P3 has pretty much disowned me if Daddy is around.

peppa pig first pants asda

As I said earlier there are nine products in the Little Angels nappy range. They include:

Newborn which are available in premature sizes too which I was really pleased to find out seeing as I was a mum of a premature baby. These nappies are really soft and light too. Available in sizes 0 – 3

Newborn with Dreamskin Technology. These are the first ever nappies to be enriched with a Dreamskin polymer which has been clinically proven to help soothe and protect skin. Keeping body temperature regulated and skin moisturised. 

Supreme Protection. These are like the King of nappies providing comfort and dryness for up to twelve hours. They are super stretchy for moving toddlers and come with the handy size up guide on the fronts. These are available in sizes 3 – 6+

Comfort Dry. This nappy is ASDA’s best seller and offers all round awesomeness with comfort, super absorbing and with the handy sizing up guide too.

First Pants. We have just started using these with P3 and although they don’t seem as stretchy around her waist, they are super soft and comfy. She adores the new Peppa Pig designs too. They are fantastic for early stages of potty training, however the absorbing gel beads that hold up to thirty times their own weight, mean they are perfect for using as a normal nappy too.

Potty Training Pants. These come in girl and boy designs. They absorb slightly slower helping to aid in the potty training success. These are only available in size 6 at the moment.

Bed Mats. These were such a good size when they were shown at the event. They have so many uses from being a portable changing mat, protecting your bed and mattress or even being a maternity bed protector. The absorbency is amazing too.

Swim Pants. I didn’t know that there was an alternative to the obvious other swim nappy. These ASDA Little Angels ones are really flexible and look like they’d be perfect for swimming. The extra small swim pant has a tabbed design just like a nappy which makes it easier to use for a small baby. The Small and Medium versions are a pant style.

Bedtime pants. These are such a good idea. They come in ages 4-7 years and 8-12 years. These felt really thin and are perfect for a child who needs some extra reassurance at day or even in the day time.


I received a beautiful collection of goodies from ASDA Little Angels and the Dorchester Spa. I am so grateful to have been invited to this event and it was by far the very best event my blog has taken me on. I am dreaming of the next time I can visit a spa. The staff at the Dorchester were friendly and attentive but the lovely PR team were so friendly. I truly had an amazing afternoon and learnt so much about ASDA Little Angels.

Disclosure: I was invited to the Dorchester Spa by ASDA Little Angels. I received no payment for my time writing this post

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  1. Oh wow this sounds lovely. I love going on spa days and I have been invited to the event they are holding in Leeds. So after reading this I can’t wait 🙂

  2. Looks like you had a fantastic day. I use Asda nappies all the time as I find them the best quality. My one year old has them for all nappy changes and my 4 year old wears them for bed as he’s dry during the day now. I even packed enough to last the whole week whilst we were away last week so we didn’t have to use another brand!

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