Putting Our Memories Into A Photo book

Christmas is most certainly on its way. There’s definitely a different feel surrounding this year’s festivities. I think the uncertainty of whether we’ll be able to spend time with our families weighs heavy but also the magic of it is quite tempting too.

In previous years, I have been quite organised with presents but the people I always find hardest to buy for are the parents and Grandparents of our family. Children are usually quite happy to receive most things, but adults are a bit trickier. I always want to find something special or useful.

Thanks to Asda Photo I think I might have found the perfect gift for this year. We have had a terrible year but we have also created some incredible memories whilst on this journey and I think gifting a photo book full of memories is a great way of celebrating.

Asda Photo has a huge range of personalised gifts. There’s everything from mugs, tea towels, cushions, calendars, blankets, wall art and so much more. I opted to receive one of their Photo Books. 

Asda Photo Books are simple to create. There are four design options to pick: Ringbound, Hardback, Softcover and Layflat. Then there are seven size options from small to large and the option to have the photos printed in gloss or matte. Oh, and the photos can have borders on them or borderless. The customisation is incredible. 

I opted to choose the biggest size in gloss with borderless photos.

It was quite overwhelming to go through all of the photos I’ve taken from this year. Seeing the early months of normality, then change into the crazy world we live in now. It was wonderful to realise that despite the world’s chaos, we have created so many happy memories from our experiences.

You are able to automatically add photos or you can do it individually for a more unique look. I decided to automatically add them except for the front cover. You have the ability to change the layout of each page too so that some pages might have one or two photos, and other pages could have seven. I used the Text option to create a title. It didn’t take too long to create the perfect photo book.

The PhotoBook comes with 22 pages but you can add extra for 80p each. I stuck with the 22 pages although having received the book, both Hubby and I wish we’d added more and bulked it up further.

When my photo book arrived I nearly cried. Seeing it there in all its glory. It was so beautiful. I know they are photos I’ve seen many times before but having them all in one book to look back on weirdly meant so much to me.

These photo books would make the best present for a family member. whether it’s to showcase a holiday, a birthday or this whole entire year. I definitely want to create more of them for myself.

Disclosure: This photobook was gifted to us.

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